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What are the advantages to using video for depositions?

There are several reasons to videotape a deposition.

Depending on the type of case and the circumstances surrounding the case an attorney may chose to use video to capture the witness testimony. Often it is more cost effective to videotape a witness and show that video to a jury in place of live testimony. Live expert testimony can be very expensive. Doctors and experts can charge thousands of dollars to appear live at trial where a video deposition would cost a few hundred dollars. Experts may also charge for travel time and accommodations. Many Judges and Juries actually prefer video testimony in place of live testimony. For examples video depositions can help speed the pace of trials.

Video testimony can be more versatile and can be useful when used in conjunction with trial support software. Many courtrooms are now wired for electronic presentations and video has become a large part of those presentations. Cases sometimes take years to get to trial. Witnesses may relocate or die before the case gets to trial. Their video testimony preserves the persons testimony for a jury trial or mediation. Eye witnesses testimony can change dramatically over time.

Having a video deposition close to the time of accident or incident can be a powerful tool to building your case. Another reason to videotape a deposition is that reading a witnesses testimony doesn’t have the same effect as seeing a person speaking their testimony. The written word can leave out a persons mood, affect or tone of voice. Video testimony can have a strong impression on a judge or jury.


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