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Mediation and Trial Presentation Support

Action legal video understands courtroom protocol. Our litigation support and uses the latest technology in assisting with the evidence.When in trial, you need to focus on your client and the case. Our Legal Video Specialists are experienced with courtroom prototcol. We respectfully set up and operate the equipment you need to playback your depositions and other videos. If you’re looking to increase your use of evidence presentation beyond mere video playback, talk to us. New technology allows you to do more in court with greater ease than you ever thought.  

We offer Mediation Presentations such as PP, Courtroom Playback, Settlement Summary, and Trial Exhibits.

  • Video Settlement Summary

  • Courtroom Playback

Tell your client’s story in different perspective. We use interviews, video clips, graphics and the evidence to put a timeline together in a news style documentary. Opposing counsel will have an understanding to what will be presented at trial and a chance to re-evaluate the case before mediation.

Need a video played in trial? Action Legal Video has assembled flat screen LCD TV playback carts that have the ability to play almost any video format. The carts also have the ability to edit “on the fly” and blackout the screen during a non-admissible part of a video


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