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Action Legal Video offers a full range of legal video services to the legal community. We are committed to providing reliable and professional service. We use the latest technology and state of the art equipment.

Video Settlement Summary

We use interviews, video clips, graphics and the evidence to put a timeline together in a documentary. Counsel will have an understanding to what will be presented at trial and a chance to re-evaluate the case before mediation.

Experienced Videographers

We have trained our videographers to deliver the best in customer service. We know the value of a well trained, well dressed videographer that captures and document accurately.

Video Depositions

Depositions are a major part of what we do at Action Legal Video. We provide videographers who are skilled with their equipment to preserve the testimony that can be used in your case.

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Welcome to Action Legal Video

In today's world of litigation we know how important it is to use technology to present your case. Whether it be depositions, trial support, site inspections or mediation presentations, Action Legal Video provides you with highly trained and certified videographers. With state of the art equipment, we capture testimony, document evidence, and present your case..

Who We Work With

  • Attorney's and Law Firms

  • Court Reporting Firms

  • Videographers

Law firms call on Action Legal Video for a variety of legal video and trial support needs. We work on criminal and civil litigation, including medical malpractice, personal injury and construction litigation. We can offer law firms a wide variety of services anywhere in South Florida. Our videographers use state of the art equipment and our pricing is competitive. Contact us for a quote today.

At Action Legal Video we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to all Court Reporting Firms, large or small, local or national. We realize that every customer is important and we make an extra effort to provide highly trained, professional videographers to represent your firm anywhere in Florida.  Action Legal Video provides the court reporter with a free digital audio file at every deposition.  We work closely with court reporting firms to provide attorneys with the type of media they need.  Action Legal Video can provide any media format requested including Video Text Sync, MPEG files, DVD and VHS.

Action Legal Video has reciprocating business with many other videographers and Legal Video Firms. We understand the importance of top notch customer service. Action Legal Video focuses on providing an excellent video product to your specifications with quick delivery in any requested format.


Request an appointment or give us a call on (239) 287-8448.


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