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ACTION LEGAL VIDEO provides a full range of legal video and trial support services to law offices and court reporting firms in South Florida. From Naples to Tampa Florida on the west coast to Fort Lauderdale and Miami on the east coast.  We provide professional videographers who know the value of excellent customer service. Action Legal Video has videographers available to cover depositions, site inspections, mock trials, site inspections, etc.  Our team is dedicated to a high level of excellence in the following areas:

  • Depositions

  • Video/Text Synchronization

  • Day in the life Documentaries

  • Medical Exams

  • Site Inspections

  • Editing

Video depositions are a major part of what we do at Action Legal Video. We provide videographers who are skilled with their equipment to preserve the testimony that can be used in your case. Attentive, professional videographers is what we provide. Our videographers are sensitive to the deposition process and the needs of the attorney. We understand the importance of capturing video and making it available to quickly and in any format including DVD, VHS, MPEG or Video Text Synchronization.

Action legal video uses the latest technology to provide you with the tools needed to put a case together. Video/text synchronization is an excellent tool that will save time with these features:

  • View transcript and the video simultaneously
  • Word search
  • Edit in house
  • Export to trial presentation software such as sanction, trial director, summation, live note and PowerPoint
  • Exhibit linking

Order video/text synchronization at the deposition or contact us for a quote for a previous deposition.

Video is a powerful tool in preserving the life style of a person who has been injured. A Day in the Life Documentary documents the physical, emotional, and social challenges your client faces in their daily environment. Our experienced videographers are responsive to both your legal requirements and to your client’s concerns. The jury may never see the extent of the injuries and the suffering years later. Action Legal Video prides itself on providing certified, intelligent videographers to handle sensitive situations including Day in the Life Documentaries. We can shoot an entire day or just a piece of it. Tell us what’s important and where the challenges lie, so we can capture everything effectively.

Action Legal Video can dispatch certified videographers anywhere in Lee and Collier County including Naples and Fort Myers.  Our highly trained videographers understand sensitive situations.  Action Legal Video has been servicing the Naples and Fort Myers area for over 10 years.  We have been involved in numerous cases involving many millions of dollars.

We know the importance of capturing the interactions between a doctor and a patient. We have been videotaping Independent and Compulsory Medical Exams for many years all over south Florida. Experience and protocol is crucial during theses examinations. We know the importance of rapid turn around and we do not delay in getting the video to you and your experts. That’s what you get with ALV.

The personnel at Action Legal Video are well versed in preservation of evidence using video and photography. Site inspections are an important part of many cases and documenting the scene as accurately as possible can be crucial to getting to the truth. Whether it is an accident scene, a construction dispute or an insurance inspection, a professional videographer can capture the facts to help make your case clear.

Action Legal Video can provide you with a professional, certified videographer that understands the legal protocol and has the proper equipment for conducting site inspections properly since you may only get one chance.  Our coverage area includes Naples, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and all areas in between.

Action Legal video understands the need for accurate, fast and cost effective editing. Whether it is in our production department or at trial we will be there to provide the expertise. Count on use to provide the equipment necessary to present your case professionally and accurately. Action Legal Video will respond on short notice anywhere in South Florida with your editing and trial assistance.


Request an appointment or give us a call on (239) 287-8448.


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