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Orlando Legal Video Service

orlando government building Action Legal Video has certified legal video specialists ready to serve the Orlando area. Our professional videographers are equipped with the latest technology to cover Depositions, Site Inspections, Independent and Compulsory medical exams in high quality HD video. Action Legal Video provides videographers that understand legal protocol, and have years of experience handling sensitive situations.

Our competitive rates will save you costs by scheduling direct with the videographers. Action Legal Video can schedule videographers to cover your legal video needs anywhere in Florida with our network of professionals. We are raising quality and saving your clients money at the same time by creating a network of legal videographers that connect with you directly.

Serving Florida for over 15 years Action Legal Video is always advancing and adapting to the latest technology. We will provide your video in any format at no addition charge.

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Request an appointment or give us a call on (239) 287-8448.


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